Improving Delivery Models

It's time to change the way we deliver infrastructure

Infrastructure investment plays a significant role in economic growth and is a critical part of the transition to a more sustainable and resilient world. Yet to deliver on these outcomes, the public and private sectors, along with the communities they serve, need to rethink the way of delivering infrastructure.

GI Hub’s Improving Delivery Models initiative, developed in consultation with Jacobs, aims to inform infrastructure practitioners and policymakers of the delivery options that have been successfully applied around the world. Aligned with the G20 Quality Infrastructure Investment Principles, this initiative aims to significantly improve the efficiency of delivery and the ultimate outcomes and quality of infrastructure.

Addressing common challenges faced in infrastructure delivery

Many of the challenges faced in delivering infrastructure can be traced back to the process of choosing the delivery model and the subsequent structuring of the project at an early stage. Improving Delivery Models showcases proven improvements to the infrastructure delivery process made by G20 governments and industry and offers a Delivery Challenges and Improvements Framework using the following six themes that encapsulate major, global improvements made by governments and industry to improve infrastructure delivery models.

Overview of different contractual models

Being contractual model agnostic is critical to improving the delivery of infrastructure.

Recently, new contractual approaches have emerged to address challenges faced by industry. Managing interfaces, securing efficent solutions, building local delivery capacity and capability, managing technology integration risk, and uncertainties about utilities or ground conditions create real challenges to selecting a fit for purpose infrastructure delivery model.

This initiative provides a Contractual Models Overview that offers an easy-to-use menu which can be sorted to provide a clear and succinct list of models for infrastructure delivery. The menu has been developed with a global audience in mind and is therefore neutral and pragmatic in its representation of the different models.